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We specialize in combining traditional business process methods with cutting edge technology. We chose the name CrossTech Partners because of our ability to speak to the necessity of crossing over the traditional silos of expertise in an organization. We provide the capabilities to build a strong alignment into the integration of the overall project mission and corporate vision for how all business lines are solidly woven together. In other words, we weave together the solid integration of IT, the business organization, and the next generation of technology solutions.

In delivering solutions, we provide a unique combination of thought leaders with an experienced team of technology consultants to provide an un-paralleled service to its clients. We distinguish ourselves by our:

We recognize several trends that are driving our clients investment strategies:

Sample Implementation - Augmented Reality Solutions

If a picture is worth 1000 words, wait until you see what a 3D video animation floating in the room with your equipment is worth. Move your training from the back room to where the action is happening and give your team next generation tools to learn faster.


Experience Capture

We understand that delivering the best requires the best. That's why its inherent in our culture to continually strive to work and learn from the best, as well as provide input from our own expertise. We believe that a collaborative design and development environment will always bring a better result. We live by it.

CrossTech Partners Can Help

We build enterprise level solutions using and Agile Methodology to provide focused results. Our team is experienced in identifying needs, identifying solutions, and implementing solutions with demonstrable impact.

One Stop Shop

You’ve seen “gee whiz” demos where someone shows interesting technology with no business application. CrossTech Partners builds functional solutions that drive measureable results. Our job is to implement solutions deom design to business case to deliver that are measurable and solutions oriented.




Expert Advisor

We serve as an Expert Advisor for clients seeking achieve advantage through innovation. Our services include Education and Insight sessions with our experts. Strategy and Planning services help clients develop IT and Digital Strategies targeted at defining a prioritized plan for digital business leadership. We also ensure change is delivered successfully by engaging the right teams through the business a Change Management process.


Solution Integrator

We understand that to differentiate, you need to tailor solutions for competitive advantage. We provide end-to-end services to innovate using new technologies. Our services include Experience Design to ensure your brand, visual design and overall user experience is represented most effectively across digital channels, Solution Architecture to design a component-bases technology services and operating elements that work in your business environment and Solution Delivery to construct, test, deliver and implement the tailored business solutions you need.


Delivery Partner

We are your outsourced delivery partner for technology solution execution. We combine years of implementation experience with a comprehensive set of technology tools to deliver results. We help you capture markets, touch customers and deploy workforce collaboration with content and collaboration strategies and innovative social networking technology. We help you integrate disparate customer and multi-source audience data for a single view of the customer and competitive advantage - capturing insight and intelligence about your cross-channel audience interactions.


Sales, Marketing, Brand Experiences

A single view of the customer allows you to create a great first impression and drive marketing ROI. A first impression can be formed from the look and feel of your web site to the way that you personalize your communications based on amount of history you have of your audience when you interact with them. Increasingly, it is the expectation of the customer that you greet them with the knowledge of their relationship history with you and an understanding of what is important to them. With today's technology, when a company looks at their audience, they should have access to all the information available - from web and link tracking to purchasing history and communications. Knowing that a customer visited certain events or programs, attended certain sessions, read a blog, engaged in a social media applet, downloaded certain content, or visited certain areas of your web site will allow you to speak directly to that customer about what interests them. Consolidating your data into a "Single View" of your audience not only has benefits at an audience interaction level, but also impacts marketing ROI.


Our Company

CrossTech Partners is a solutions company delivering a comprehensive set of platform technology and services for digital marketing, event technology, collaborative networks, and audience intelligence. We provide products and services that are driving innovation today. Our mission is to deliver return on investment by helping you:

  • Execute global campaigns and strategies
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business
  • Manage your communities of customers, partners, and colleagues
  • Capture audience intelligence from your audience data

We provide:

  • A data management system is the development and execution of architectures and procedures that powerfully manage the full data lifecycle needs of an organization. Databases are no longer individual data sets but instead complex relationships that ensure system-wide data integrity and maintenance.
  • Data Warehousing - Collect and organize disparate data into a single, cohesive virtual space called a data warehouse. Our Audience Intelligence/MDM enables data integration and consistency.
  • Data Movement - Ensure that the data warehouse is complete and accurate by designing all the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) necessary to extract data from outside sources, translate it accurately and appropriately, and load it in the data warehouse seamlessly. This means that any data resource, even external, third-party systems, can be successfully integrated into the data warehouse, ensuring system-wide data utilization and integrity, both from all internal and external origins.
  • Data Mining and Analytics - CrossTech identifies the potential to gain immediate, additional value from pre-existing databases through a process commonly called data mining. This process involves numerous forms of often complex and refined analysis, correlation, and classification of current data elements, which results in the extraction of new, highly relevant, and potentially exceptional useful information, such as the correlation of previously unrelated data elements, creation of new variables, and discovery of important product and marketing opportunities.
  • Data Quality Assurance and Reporting - We ensure high data integrity by implementing quality assurance systems for its data warehousing. CTP has the capability to scan your data at scheduled intervals, search for inconsistencies across locations and/or sources, and then follow the prescribed data maintenance protocols, thereby setting up a data cleansing application, which will help to eliminate the anomalies, or send out a report that will alert the database administrator regarding inconsistencies, pages, and other exceptions.
  • Metadata Management - We organizes data by creating meta-data to manage content more flexibly and usefully. By integrating with the content management system, CTP delivers advanced meta-data with any file or data elements. This allows for a much more advanced search engine capability.

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